GUF Consultancy Services

Focused on Service Quality

GUF Consultancy Services is an information technology company that aims to offer high quality outsourcing services in software application development and maintenance.

Our company is based in Montevideo, Uruguay, and we currently provide our services to several local and offshore companies.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team, with knowledge ranging from mainframe technologies to web and mobile applications.

Our Services

Custom Software Development

We develop tailor-made applications. Sometimes commercial off-the-shelf software may not cover the needs of your organization. A system that evolves with your business without limitations is the best choice, allowing for personalization and flexibility, and including new functionalities or expanding existing ones on demand. Our systems are built focusing on usability and performance, and we provide support services that will be with you at all times.

Our Own Solutions

As we built our path, and based on experience, we have designed solutions that accomodate most customers’ expectations in specific areas of activity. These are software applications, but they have the flexibility to be customized according to each customer’s requirements, almost as if they were completely custom software.

Electronic Billing Integration

Building upon our products Fasto (billing, stock control and accounting) and gFE Monitor (electronic billing interface monitoring), and teaming up with Signature South Consulting, we have developed electronic billing solutions for customers in different fields of activity.

Consultancy Services

The road traveled along these years has given us the experience and impartiality required to provide IT consultancy services. We advise our customers on the course to take and choices to make, backing up the change processes in the organization, in order to reach the best possible outcome.

HHRR Providing

Our team members may work on-site, teaming up with your staff and bringing their knowledge in their areas of expertise. This will allow your organization to rely on our experience to boost performance and reach goals successfully.



"En cuanto a la producción y almacenaje hemos podido prever mejor las compras de materias primas, tener un stock ajustado para que todos en la empresa sepan la cantidad de productos terminados disponibles, tener un control más preciso sobre las mermas y sobre la fabricación"
Santiago KrögerQuímico | Director Técnico Grupo Bitafal
"... es un sistema súper maniobrable, lo que permite el fácil manejo, de búsqueda rápida, adaptable a cualquier persona, y lo más importante todo se puede anular en forma inmediata y sin mayores inconvenientes. Al ser un sistema relativamente nuevo en la empresa, permite que, a cada paso que vamos conociéndolo y trabajando en él, se le puede de forma inmediata, sugerir cambios para lograr un rápido y eficiente programa de trabajo"
Moria SicaDpto. de Administración Grupo Bitafal
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